The Detroit Journal

The city of Detroit is a place of great focus in the national and local media.  Discussions of budgets, poverty, and the educational system normally dominate the conversation but another conversation has begun.  That of the people.  Few have ever focused on the individual stories of struggle and hope that exist in this city.  Until Specs grad, Andy Miller decided to begin The Detroit Journal.  This isn’t a start up magazine or blog, but best explained on their website, ” a new short film series that tells true stories about real people in Detroit, made by Detroit natives.”

Miller and cofounder Ben Potter aim to fill a void in the Detroit documentary genre.  Although many Detroit based documentaries exist, this film is not a film focused on local businesses or the auto industry, rather it is an intimate view into the lives that make up the Detroit landscape.  Watch the first episode, “William Foster Is a Good Man” above.

To read more about Miller and Potter and The Detroit Journal, visit Huffpost Detroit.



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