Another Great Student Update

I wanted to share an email I had gotten from Brad Weimer, a Specs grad from 2002. He worked hard and focused on his goal. I love it when a graduate sends me their updates, and wanted to share.

It’s been a little while since I updated you on my career (little over 3 years) but since I wouldn’t have any of this if it weren’t for my time at Specs I figured it was time to drop you a line.  For the past 3 1/2 years I’ve been working as a Producer for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area/California out here in San Francisco.  I’ve produced Pre/Postgame shows (including the entire World Championship run for the 2010 San Francisco Giants), sports news shows, reality shows, and even an occasional sports talk show.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at CSN, but as always this business is about change and I’m about to embark on another new journey.

In a little over a week I’ll be taking over as the main Pre/Postgame producer for the Milwaukee Brewers and Bucks for Fox Sports Wisconsin.  I will also eventually transition to be their #2 live events producer for both teams, which means I’ll be producing the games themselves. In fact,  I’m actually writing this from a plane on my way back from Milwaukee where I spent the last couple of days getting acclimated before I start in June.  Being part of event production (and specifically being the producer of the games themselves) is something I’ve always had a dream to do and now I’ve been given that opportunity.  Starting in June I’ll be doing all the Pre/Postgame shows for Brewers home games, and starting July I’ll even be traveling with the broadcast and doing the shows on the road.

In moments like these I tend to take stock and look back at what’s gone on in my life and career and it’s been an amazing journey.  Since graduating from Specs Howard almost 10 (!) years ago (RTV-01-02…time moves fast), I’ve worked for local sports, ESPN, Fox, and Comcast/NBC and done it while living in 4 different states.  In about a week I’ll make it #5 with Wisconsin and I couldn’t be happier.  It took a lot of patience and hard work (and a lot of risks) but it’s all paid off with the career I’ve had so far.

When I was in school at Specs we always used to joke about the commercials and drop the, “This is where you start,” line over and over again, but honestly it couldn’t be more true.  Specs gave me the tools I needed to get my start, helped me get the internship that got me my first job, and taught me that it may not come easy, but if you work hard enough it will come.  If you’re willing to make the sacrifices and take the hits there will be something awesome waiting at the other end.  Thanks again for helping to teach me the tools that let me live my dreams.

Brad Weimer


Way to go Brad, this is a great step forward, and we are proud to call you a Specs Howard Graduate.

Award Winning Specs Howard Students

Specs Howard wants to congratulate three students of our Digital Media Arts program for winning Outstanding Student Awards from the Michigan Association of Career Colleges & Schools.Students were nominated by Specs Howard staff and instructors and submitted to the MACCS. Winners, Dylan Mierzwunski, Yvonne Wallace, and Paul Brilles were given the award on saturday at Schoolcraft College

Each award winner’s nomination letter was read aloud to the crowd. Below is an expert from that letter.

  “Dylan consistently has displayed a positive attitude and has shown determination in her educational  studies that stand out among her classmates. With Dylan’s determination and hard work, I have no doubt that she will succeed in any endeavor she decides to take on.”

Dylan Mierzwinski was nominated by Brad Richter and Christin Russman.

“Yvonne returned to school after serving in the U.S Army, and despite having to care for her sick mother; you could tell by just looking at her projects, she put a lot of time and effort into each and everyone one of her projects.”

Yvonne Wallace was nominated by Keith Hern.

“Paul has continually show a positive attitude towards his studies and an eagerness to expand his knowledge in the field of broadcasting. I would recommend him to any one looking to hire him in the Broadcast industry.”

Paul Brilles was nominated by Elie Mosseri.


Congratulations Paul, Yvonne, and Dylan from everyone here at Specs Howard School of Media Arts!